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Article Summary

When I bought this product there were not many reviews of it so I thought I would include a review of the Surfroam SIM on this site. 

Before you continue reading, I have to let you know that if you click on the links in this review, I may get an affiliate payment from Surfroam

Regardless, it is a great product. I have been telling everyone at work about it, so to find out that I could join the Surfroam affiliate program was just a bonus.

Why I like The Surfroam Sim

I like Surfroam as they have excellent rates and you can use their SIM card in 200+ countries. Their website is straightforward to navigate. Checking out the prices, comparing countries and the mobile data providers they use is super simple. The network providers they use generally have excellent coverage in populated areas, and your Surfroam SIM credit lasts for 365 days. 

Updated January 2022: I haven’t used my Surfroam SIM for over 12 month due to travel restrictions but in August last year (which is when my credit was due to expire) I added 15 Euros credit just to keep my balance, this rolled over my unused credit so i didn’t loose it. I now have until August this year to use that credit. For me this was I no brainier, as it was a small cost. In situations like this the 365 day credit expiry is a real advantage.

How I Use My Surfroam SIM

I insert my Surfroam SIM into a pocket Wi-Fi device.

This allows me to make internet calls and send messages overseas while keeping my regular SIM for incoming texts and urgent phone calls. You can get a standard SIM card or an eSIM.

When I use my pocket Wi-Fi, I do have to reinitialise my APN setting on that device in a new country. It is a straightforward task achieved from the devices setting menu, and in no time, I’m online. 

Issues I Have Experienced With The Surfroam Sim And Troubleshooting Solutions

The Surfroam FAQ/Help Centre section is beneficial. If you won’t have Wi-Fi from the airport or a hotel at the start of your trip. It’s worth taking screenshots of any relevant setup instructions you may need before travel so that you have it on hand.

I have personally needed to contact the Surfroam team. I used Facebook Messenger to do this through their contact page, and I found them very helpful.

Final Words

Thank you for taking the time to read this review. I hope it helps you to make the right decision for your individual circumstances.

For reference: I have used and tested my Surfroam SIM in Australia, New-Zealand and Southeast Asia.