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Fixt Hand Sanitiser Product Review 2023

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fixt hand sanitiser pumped locked

Hand sanitisers are a great tool to stop the spread of germs when you don’t have access to water and soap. They are a must-have travel accessory in today’s world.

fixt hand sanitiser pumped locked
Source: fixtnz.com

Most hand sanitisers have lots of nasty chemicals which in my case means destroying my hands. After a day of using a typical hand sanitiser, I would get dry hands, and as a result of that a few days later, I would get cracked hands.
I was sure there had to be a better solution to my problems so I went searching and I think I found it.

Who Makes The Fixt Hand Sanitiser

Recently I received a sample of Fixt hand sanitiser. It’s manufactured in New Zealand, with responsibly sourced herbal ingredients, and contains pure ethyl alcohol at 70%. If you would like more information about the components of this product, click here to go to the product page of their website.

After being told that it is gentle on your hands but tough on germs, I was sceptical, but I had little to lose as other products weren’t working for me.

Did Fixt Hand Lotion Fix My Problem?

As I pumped the lotion on to my hands, I still had my doubts. However, after thoroughly rubbing it in, my doubts had vanished. It was literally as if my hands were saying thankyou. I know this sounds extreme. However, that is how I felt at the time. I was so excited that I didn’t feel the same irritation. I also noted that it was helping heal the little cuts and cracks in my hands that occurred from using other more harsh hand sanitisers.

Hand Sanitiser ingredients

To be effective, you need to be able to thoroughly rub a hand sanitiser all over your palms and fingers in a systematic way before it dries out. This product certainly meets that requirement.

Is The Fixt Hand Sanitiser Travel Friendly?

The Fixt hand sanitiser comes in a pump-action bottle in three different size options: 50ml, 100ml and 250ml. The pump can be locked in the down position to stop leaks when it’s in your bag, and if you can travel by air, the 50ml and 100ml bottles do meet the security requirements for travel.

Final Words

In conclusion, I found Fixt offers the best solution to my two problems it’s a lotion for dry hands that keeps them sanitised at the same time.